Pokemon Black & White release date annouce in Europe

The news has just fallen, Nintendo has announced that Black and White versions of Pokemon come out on March 4 next to us.
European fans of Pokémon video game series will be able to wipe away a tear of joy at the corner of their eye, because Nintendo has unveiled early this year, the PAL release date for Pokemon Black & White, who will most likely be retranslated “Pokémon black “and” Pokémon White. ” Mind you, we will have these two new drafts from March 4, 2011 , the Nintendo DS of course.

Remember also that Pokemon Black & White released in the U.S. on March 6, not April 17 as previously assumed . You’ll understand that Europe will be served two days before the USA, what kind attention.

Pokemon Black & White is different from other parts of the saga with a scenario and searched the simple disappearance of Pokemon past editions. What should have been more acceptable if the newcomers had the charisma of creatures such as Pikachu, Jigglypuff and other ectoplasm. Unfortunately, it does not happen for some of them. Final verdict in two months.

Pokemon White & Black



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