Bulletstorm three New small images

The creators of Painkiller were surrounded by a great team of studios to lure fans of action. While Electronic Arts will rear their financial level, Epic Games will undertake to bring their expertise to the technical level. Beating better than anyone the Unreal Engine 3, officials of Gears of War 3 will try to help their colleagues.

Bulletstorm is a FPS you can not nag appearance which nonetheless introduced the notion of style and optimization. Killing is not enough, it will kill using all weapons and the means at our disposal. This diversity will earn more points needed to expand our arsenal. The title will have a variant of the Horde Gears of War 2.

Rather than surviving as a team, players must also ensure individually collect maximum points. These points will determine not only rank among the four players invited but will mostly end of each round to get different weapons. You will need to cooperate a minimum to avoid a crushing defeat, but eventually it will also detachment from others to take the lead. A concept can not be more vicious and double-edged.




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