MSI displays brand-new P67/H67 Series mainboards at CES 2011

Total solution for high quality, high stability and high performance.

Internationally recognizable mainboard and graphic card manufacturer MSI always displays the latest performance-focus products at worldwide IT events. With no exception, MSI is ready to display the latest products in various ranges at the upcoming CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the USA. In the mainboard range, MSI will officially announce the latest Intel P67/H67 mainboard series featuring Military Class II components and the OC Genie II overclocking wizard, which are implemented to both series for the first time. The Intel P67/H67 mainboard series from MSI is the total solution for high quality, high stability and high performance.

Additionally, various MSI-exclusive features have been equipped on the Intel P67/H67 mainboard series. These include:

  • Instant OC real-time OC function in Control Center II
  • Super Charger for quick charge of iPad, iPhone and other smart phones
  • Winki 3 operating system for browsing websites and voice communication without entering Windows.
  • THX TruStudio PRO surround sound technology
  • USB3.0 and native SATA 6Gb/s technologies which significantly enhance data transfer speeds.

With all these features, the Intel P67/H67 mainboard series from MSI will be the brightest rising star at CES 2011.

Military Class II Components offers best quality and stability
In order to provide consumers with the best build quality, MSI has introduced the even more advanced Military Class II components: while continuing to employ the rare metal tantalum as the core of the Hi-c CAP and Solid CAP with a lifespan of over 10 years, MSI has also incorporated the SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) which is capable of increasing 30% of power supply, providing the MSI P67/H67 series of motherboards with top stability and performance in overclocking applications and under extreme workload.

OC Genie II enhances performance with easy overclocking capabilities
In addition to adopting more advanced components, MSI has also deployed the OC Genie II technology on its P67/H67 series of motherboards: Activating OC Genie functionalities with Intel’s unlocked K-Series processors on MSI P67 motherboard significantly enhances overclocking power, raising the default clock speed of 3.4GHz on Intel’s Core i7-2600K processor to a whopping 4.2GHz! If the MSI H67 motherboard is used instead, the performance of the iGPU will increase by 36%! Regardless of the platform chosen, power users will be able to achieve the most outstanding performance at no additional cost.

Instant OC (Control Center II) tackles both real-time overclocking and system monitoring
To meet the dual requirements of overclockers on both performance tuning and system monitoring, MSI has included the special Control Center II software with its full P67/H67 series of motherboards. The software monitors the complete status of operational speeds and voltages of the computer’s various components such as CPU/RAM/PWM and system fans. The built-in Instant OC functionalities also allow power users to adjust the voltages and frequencies of CPU without needing to access the BIOS directly on MSI P67 series motherboards, thus letting users fully explore the computer’s overclocking potential without restriction!

Super Charger recharges your tablet/smartphone in no time even with the computer turned off!
In response to the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile Internet devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad, each model of the MSI P67/H67 series features the special Super Charger technology. Once enabled through the Super Charger software, you will be able to quickly charge your iPad/iPhone or smartphones so you always have your companion devices ready to go!

Winki 3, the most user-friendly operating environment
Offering consumers solutions that provide the highest level of convenience has always been a goal of MSI. In the latest series of P67/H67 motherboards, MSI offers the user-friendly Winki 3 operating environment, which allows users to instantly access the Web, write reports, edit photos, send instant messages or voice chat with friends as soon as they turn on their computer. Even if the computer crashes, the content of the hard disk can be restored from the backup utility. This is a comprehensive operating environment offered to users free of charge.

USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s transfer standard
Most of MSI P67/H67 motherboards are also equipped with the latest USB 3.0 ports and has native support for the SATA 6Gb/s high-speed transfer standard, which offers speeds equivalent to 10 times that of traditional USB 2.0 ports and twice that of the SATA 3Gb/s standard for ultra-high bandwidth of 5Gb/s and 6Gb/s, respectively. Used with the latest generation of external USB 3.0 devices and SATA 6Gb/s hard drives or SSDs, these future-proof ports greatly speed up file transfer operations and satisfies the consumers’ needs for high-speed storage devices.

THX TruStudio PRO Surround Sound technology offers the ultimate audio experience
All models in MSI’s P67/H67 series of motherboards come with the advanced THX TruStudio PRO technology, featuring the most realistic and dynamic effects and optimum sound quality to enjoy Blu-ray movies, multimedia entertainment or 3D games for an unrivalled audio experience.



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