dB Logic Announces Two New Earphone Products to Ensure Healthy Listening

dB Logic today announced two new earphone accessory products, the SPL Meter and the SPL2 Adapter with dB Logic’s award-winning SPL2 technology. The dB Logic SPL Meter is the first device that allows consumers to measure the volume of music coming through their existing earbuds or in-ear monitors (IEMs) to ensure the volume is at safe listening levels. The dB Logic SPL2 Adapter utilizes the company’s proprietary SPL2 technology and is designed to attach to existing earbuds, to limit volume levels as needed while seamlessly preserving the original musical content.

dB Logic’s compact SPL Meter is designed to measure sounds from earbuds and in-ear monitors. Consumers can easily hold the earbud or in-ear monitors up to the meter and get a reading of how loud the music is playing. This allows the user to better understand the sound pressure levels they are experiencing(1). Without a meter or measurement tool, it can be difficult for consumers to measure or estimate volume. In addition, the Meter can also measure ambient sound levels, such as concert volume, automotive stereo volume, or crowd noise.

The dB Logic SPL2 Adapter features the company’s award-winning SPL2 technology, which limits volume levels using advanced circuitry and eliminates the need for bulky battery-powered processors required by competitive sound pressure limiting products. This product is simply plugged into a consumer’s existing audio device, and then the earbuds plug into the adapter. With many consumers already owning earbuds, this device provides security and helps avoid hearing damage due to long-term exposure to high sound pressure levels without having to purchase a new set of earbuds. SPL2 technology maintains the integrity of the sound so the limiting is virtually transparent to the listener and the audio content does not sound clipped or distorted.

“The dB Logic SPL Meter and SPL2 Adapter are complementary to our headphones and earphones, and provide consumers an easy way to determine if they are listening at safe sound pressure levels with products they currently own,” said Med Dyer, co-founder and chief technology officer at dB Logic. “dB Logic’s SPL2 technology is core to all of our products and the SPL Meter and SPL2 Adapter continue with the company’s mission to ensure that consumers can protect their hearing without sacrificing audio quality.”

Pricing and Availability

The battery-powered SPL Meter will be available for $49.95 MSRP and the SPL2 Adapter will be available for $19.95 MSRP. Both products will be available on the dB Logic website (www.dblogic.com) in January 2011.


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