Beyond Good & Evil HD New Trailer

Beyond Good & Evil HD remake of the excellent adventure game from Ubisoft released in 2003, offers a brand new trailer focusing on smoothing graph provided. Released in 2003 on PC and consoles, Beyond Good & Evil was as an excellent license from Ubisoft, based on a varied gameplay midway between action, adventure, platform and infiltration . Despite its critical acclaim, the software has not benefited from strong sales. If the publisher is working on a second part, he still expects to meet the fans by re-editing the first game in HD editing.

Beyond Good & Evil HD offer strictly speaking the same content at the time, while providing better overall resolution, and some minor graphical level textures. To be convinced of the quality, a new trailer has been released.

Beyond Good & Evil HD will be released in 2011 on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.


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