KillZone 3 Story Trailer Published

Guerilla Games has always used to publish full trailers and dramatic, a trend still valid. To promote the third installment of Killzone, the Dutch studio uses a cinematic trailer consisting mainly of phases in-game and then calculated in real time. Now that players are fully aware of the potential of the Playstation 3 and the motor home made, developers have no incentive to replay the map of one-upmanship.

This short film describes the struggle that will lead the hero at the head of the ISA and try to survive the final assault planned by senior Helghast. By decimating the head of state during the latest episode, the hero will have at least managed to create a climate of political instability on the planet, an instability which will take advantage in this new component.

Isolated, the hero and the last survivors of the ISA can only rely on themselves for survival. These reinforcements are cut space, they will have no choice but to go behind enemy lines. A high-risk plan.

Release date scheduled for February 28, 2011 on PS3.



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