New Profile for everyone Facebook

Introduced in late 2010 the new Facebook profile becomes accessible to all users and is no longer optional.
In December last, the social network Facebook has begun to deploy a new profile , leaving the choice to users to try it or not. The deployment reached a new phase today with availability for all. Talk is no longer an option, which obviously does not please those who dislike the change.

The new profile provides a summary of the presentation information. The navigation tabs are gone and go to the wall or the information is via the links under the profile photo. Below the abstract, few pictures are possibly present. These are photos recently marked where the user has been identified. These photos can be hidden and control parameters is possible. For photo gallery, navigation has become easier with a scrolling infinitely.

With the Friends link, research has been simplified to find friends by name, city or other. In profile, it is possible to create new groups of friends in order to put forward some over others. Info Link provides access to space to enrich the profile information. This space has become much more visual and proposes to add even more information than before to cover more interests and experiences.

According to Facebook, ” hundreds of millions of users “have adopted the new profile in the month of December. A sign of real support? Not so sure because even though it was only an option in December – and we imagine further that the effect of curiosity has played – a step backwards was impossible. The formalization of the new profile causes a stir in any case not always with enthusiastic reviews, the biggest regret of being ultimately no longer have a choice. It is nevertheless common with Facebook, any change is widely discussed. Most resistant to the new profile will be consoled by saying they are obviously not the only ones not to be packed.


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