Silent Hill 8 First Details Revealed

Silent Hill Downpour, the eighth episode of the horror saga of Konami, we offer some details in terms of scope and gameplay. Formalized a few weeks ago by Konami, Silent Hill 8 is indeed in development for PS3 and Xbox 360. Now known as the Silent Hill: Downpour , this new episode from the delicious horror series promises to renew contact with the atmosphere outside the norm of the first album. However, doubt is still appropriate because the software is developed by Vatra, a studio of Czech origin.

We just got the first details on this new adventure. We proceed into the outskirts of the town of Silent Hill. The latter is so extensive that it will be necessary to use the subway to travel faster. The water seems to play a dominant role in the background of the game, resulting in strange events. The area southeast of the map of previous episodes has never been seen, but will be available in Silent Hill Downpour .

Fighting against the monsters will not often put forward as it will be preferable to flee as far as possible. For this, it will sometimes give a few blows with makeshift weapons in order to escape without getting caught up. There will be no inventory for weapons since they break after a few uses. The battles against the bosses will use Quick Time Events. Finally, symbolic places in the series such as schools or hospitals will not return in this sequel.

Silent Hill Downpour will be available during 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360.



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