MeeGo and Ubuntu on Nexus O

The smartphone Nexus O Google may host other OS, like Ubuntu or even MeeGo. While the iPhone is taking tunes Android smartphone by hosting Gingerbread Android 3.2 (or earlier) on board, the latest smartphone from Google, the Nexus S , unveiled in December 2010, is also known to venture into other roads than expected.

And the Nexus O is perhaps the first smartphone to feature Android Gingerbread, it is nevertheless a nice support for other OS, mobile … or not. It is thus possible to install the mobile platform MeeGo (designed by Intel and Nokia), the terminal an embedded processor ARM Cortex-A8 from Samsung.

And also Ubuntu
The result is not perfect and still requires some manipulation but the fact is that it seems to work. The author of this port, however, calls for the community to improve the result.

It is always better than nothing because there is still no official mobile terminal under MeeGo (first ads hoped to MWC 2011 in Barcelona) and a incomplete version, it will be possible to the dual boot.

But the Nexus S appears also to be able to host another OS, and this time not for mobile terminals as it is the Linux distribution Ubuntu . This is the famous XDA Developers that can monitor the developments.


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