Freecom Technologies announced external hard drives for Mac User

The Dutch firm Freecom Technologies has announced a new storage device aimed at Mac users. Responding on behalf of , it is an external hard drive benefiting from a magnesium lid for a certain lightness, good impact resistance and efficient heat dissipation. Two capacities of 320 and 750 GB are available.

Than 320 GB operates the USB 3.0 for transfer rates peaking at 130 MB / s (read, as one might guess). It shows just 10 millimeters thick.

Than 750 GB are in turn in two versions: one equipped with the connector USB 3.0 and equipped with a double connector USB 3.0 / FireWire 800 . And always in a slimline format with 15 mm thick.

Pre-formatted HFS + the three references are displayed on the manufacturer’s website. They enjoy a two year manufacturer’s warranty.



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