Facebook reportedly paid $ 8.5 million for fb.com

For the domain name fb.com already used internally to its employees messaging, Facebook reportedly paid a staggering $ 8.5 million. During the presentation of Facebook messages last November, Mark Zuckerberg had confirmed the purchase of the domain name fb.com from The American Farm Bureau. This nonprofit organization aims to represent the interests of farmers in the United States and has an official website at FB.org The domain fb.com was also in his possession.

The amount of the transaction had been ignored by the CEO of Facebook. This amount has finally filtered at the annual meeting of The American Farm Bureau. Reported by Reuters , it would be about $ 8.5 million . If the identity of the purchaser was not mentioned explicitly, it is no doubt.

In announcing the purchase of fb.com, Mark Zuckerberg had reported that Facebook employees were using in-house and had to e-mails fb.com.

If Facebook did indeed paid $ 8.5 million for the sole fb.com, this would make it one of the domain names the most expensive. An entry among the five largest resale, just behind porn.com in 2007 (9.5 million) and ahead business.com in 1999 (7.5 million).



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