Asetek Sealed Liquid Cooler Shipments Pass the Half-Million Unit Milestone

Asetek Sealed Liquid Cooler Shipments Pass the Half-Million Unit Milestone

Asetek, the world’s leading manufacturer of liquid cooling solutions for personal computers, announced today that it shipped its 500,000th sealed liquid cooler in December 2010. Liquid has long been recognized as a superior cooling medium, having a thermal capacity four times greater than that of air. However, early liquid cooling systems were bulky, low performance, expensive and largely unreliable. Asetek revolutionized liquid cooling for the computer industry with the development of the world’s first factory sealed liquid cooling solution for PCs. Asetek sealed liquid coolers are highly reliable, maintenance free, easy to install and easy to afford. Asetek innovation made liquid cooled PCs practical.

Asetek sealed liquid coolers are the standard for CPU cooling in high performance gaming system including systems made by Dell Alienware, Acer and a host of Systems Builders and Integrators. Asetek liquid coolers are also making HP Z-series workstation users more productive by contributing to quieter work environments. Sealed liquid coolers were originally developed to make liquid cooling practical for PC OEMs, System Builders and Integrators. It turns out that the same practicality appeals to Do-It-Yourself system builders and Asetek manufactured sealed liquid cooling systems are the best selling systems in the DIY market.

“Reaching the half-million unit mark is a strong testament to the quality, reliability and simplicity of Asetek’s sealed liquid cooling technology and products,” said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. “It is also a significant accomplishment in our company history and a time to thank our employees, business partners and most importantly, our customers who made reaching this milestone possible.”

“In 2011,” continued Eriksen, “Asetek looks to expand the market for sealed liquid cooling systems with higher performance products, at more attractive price points and by making Asetek technology available through more partners, steps that will enable Asetek to cross the one million unit mark this year.”

All Asetek liquid coolers are delivered factory filled and sealed, making them as easy to install as an air cooler and chassis fan. Asetek’s 500 series liquid CPU coolers for OEMs and systems integrators are compatible with today’s popular Intel and AMD processors and are available for regional delivery from distribution centers in California, Denmark and China. Asetek liquid CPU coolers for DIY system builders and computer enthusiasts are available under a growing number of global and regional brands. Look for the “Powered By” Asetek badge on the packaging.


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