Toshiba Wins Major Order for Supercritical Steam Turbines and Generators to be Supplied for India’s Essar Power Gujarat Limited

Toshiba Corporation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermal power generation equipment, today announced that it has won a major contract for the supply of two 660MW supercritical steam turbines and generators to India. The equipment, which achieves higher generating efficiency and delivers cleaner energy, will be supplied to Essar Power Gujarat Limited, a subsidiary of Essar Power Ltd., one of India’s biggest independent power producers and a key member of the Essar Group.

The turbines and generators will be installed in the Salaya II Expansion Project, a major coal-fired thermal power plant project in Gujarat state. Shipments from Japan will start in middle 2012, and the first unit is expected to start commercial operation in 2013.

To date, Toshiba has won supercritical steam turbine and generator orders for 65 units in Japan and 16 units overseas. In India, the company initially entered the thermal power market by supplying two 500MW subcritical steam turbines and generators for the Utter Pradesh Electricity Board’s Anpara B thermal power plant, which was commissioned in 1994. More recently, in 2007, Toshiba won an order for five 800MW supercritical steam turbines and generators for Tata Power Company’s Mundra Ultra Mega Thermal Power Plant.

The turbine and generator contract was awarded to Toshiba on the basis of the company’s supply record, advanced technical capabilities, equipment reliability and competitive delivery schedule.

Driven by strong economic expansion, the Indian power generation equipment market is expected to see demand growth of more than 16,000MW a year in the decade from 2007 to 2017, according to the Indian government’s Eleventh (2007-2012) and Twelfth (2012-2017) Five-Year National Electricity Plans. Coal-fired thermal power stations will account for over 60 percent of capacity growth, far surpassing other energy sources. The Indian government recognizes supercritical technology as a major tool for increasing generation capacity and efficiency while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, and is strongly promoting adoption of the technology among India’s utility companies. Toshiba will seek to support this approach and to win more contracts in India.

In addition to India, Toshiba is promoting efforts to reinforce its presence in markets around the world including Asia, where demand for supercritical thermal power systems is strong. Toshiba positions supercritical technology as part of a comprehensive power generation portfolio that also includes nuclear, hydro and geothermal technologies, and that allow it to support companies, regions and countries in developing a strategic approach to energy security.


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