Thermaltake Level 10 GT, the gaming masterpiece joins with Tt eSPORTS to bring gamers the Ultimate Fantasy

Thermaltake Group has always been the leader in innovative PC DIY market, and this time, Thermaltake carries the full tower chassis solution concept in creating the latest masterpiece, Level 10 GT. The Level 10 GT is currently being seen as an excellent choice for gamers. Why? The most popular computer games right now require highly advanced hardware configurations and this in turn means it demands more space and ventilation. With particular attention paid to this area, the Level 10 GT brings gamers just that whether gamers’ preference is MMORPG, RTS or FPS. Every detail has been carefully designed to enhance the gaming experience and of course the sleek design is no doubt a head turner. With the Level 10 GT, gamers are free to build their dream case to accommodate their ultimate gaming needs.

In the fantasy world of gaming, Tt eSPORTS gaming gears is just within reach. This is definitely a time for Tt eSPORTS to shine in 2011. With the innovative and awesome Tt eSPORTS professional gaming keyboards, mouse and headsets combined with the latest Level 10 GT, the combination is almost too good to be true.

Backed by Tt eSPORTS slogan “Challenge is the Game”. Tt eSPORTS wants to bring gaming enthusiasts together from around the world and provide a gaming platform for gamers to show the world best skills. The vision is not only to create the best gaming gears out there, but also to create an eSPORTS gaming culture. The design team at Tt eSPORTS understands gamers because Tt eSPORTS is a gaming obsession division that also includes real gamers to give real a boost. That is why Tt eSPORTS continuously creating new products to satisfy those needs and are constantly challenging themselves and hope that with the use of gaming products, players can challenge their own game too. Each Tt eSPORTS product is personally tested by the professional gaming team. The results are headsets with sound so clear, you swear you are right in the middle of the action, keyboards that execute on command and gaming mice that are designed specifically play different games. Now combined w! ith both the Level 10 GT and Tt eSPORTS products, gamers are given the unfair edge to win and defeat the opponents.


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