Toshiba to Expand LCD TV Line-up in Egypt and Africa

Launches its first 3D LED TV series for Egyptian market along with 10 new flat panel TVs across 5 LCD TV families.

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502), a global leader in advanced technology, today reinforced its LCD TV line-up for Egypt, the Middle East and Africa with the launch of a comprehensive line-up of new models, ranging from its flagship LED TV to the company’s first 3D LED TV to be introduced in Egypt, and to the innovative Power TV series. Toshiba announced 10 new models in all, covering both LED and LCD technologies.

Toshiba’s new series includes the Power TV, specially developed to bring an enhanced viewing experience to a wider reach of consumers at affordable prices, the company’s global flagship TV, the 55ZL800; and the ultra-slim 3D LED TV, WL700.

Toshiba Power TVs:
The Power TV family will launch with three series: PC1 LED TVs, offering 24- and 32-inch models, the world’s first LED TV models with integrated back-up batteries; the PS1 series of LED TVs, offering 24-, 32- and 40-inch models, all designed to maximize power saving; and the PB1 with cold cathode fluorescent backlit LCD TVs, offering 24- and 32-inch models. The PC1 series are the world’s first TVs to integrate a stand-by rechargeable battery, a useful innovation in areas where power supply can be uncertain. Fully charged, the battery can power a TV for approx. 2[1] hours.

All Power TVs feature Toshiba’s proprietary “Power Meta Brain”, an image processing engine that integrates advanced technologies to ensure crisp, high resolution image with true-to-life colors. The high power 20W speaker pumps out natural and vibrant sound. The Power TV series also boast an advanced “Auto Signal Booster” feature that improves signal sensitivity and allows viewing in areas with weak signal strengths.

All Power TV models are designed to reduce running costs by lowering power consumption. A key aspect of this is “AutoView”, which monitors room brightness and adjusts the backlight and various picture parameters accordingly. It also continually analyzes image lightness and darkness, adjusting it to maintain maximum contrast.

Toshiba’s Power TV series models are available in three sizes, 24-inches, 32-inches & 40-inches, and will be available from January, 2011.

Toshiba Flagship TV model – 55ZL800:
The 55ZL800, Toshiba’s new flagship LED TV for the home entertainment market, offers outstanding image quality and unbeatable sound output, and integrates Toshiba’s newly developed high-end TV engine, a driver for delivering unrivalled quality and industry-leading technologies.

The 55ZL800 is inspired by the CELL REGZA TV and features Toshiba’s newly developed CEVO Engine, a high-performance multi-processor platform that draws on the company’s extensive experience in semiconductors and software to deliver breathtaking image quality, sharp, realistic 3D, and excellent sound. In addition to its enormous processing power, the 55ZL800 also boasts a high luminance “REGZA LED Panel” that secures superb dynamic contrast and guarantees outstanding picture detail and quality. The new 55ZL800 is at the heart of Toshiba’s strategy to establish a strong presence in the high-end home entertainment market by offering consumers in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, high level of picture and sound quality that enhance home entertainment.

The 55ZL800 also offers Toshiba’s advanced 2D3D Conversion Technology that allows users to enjoy various 2D contents as high quality 3D. This technology is based on an integrated processor with superior algorithm that can capture and analyze image composition and movement in 2D content and convert it to 3D with precise rendering and natural, high definition images.

With a peak luminance of 1,000cd/m2 – the display’s highest level of brightness and the maximum yet achieved in the industry – the 55ZL800 assures stunningly bright whites, while the wide dynamic range achieved by backlight luminance adjustment delivers a dynamic contrast ratio of 9,000,000:1, assuring deep, detailed blacks. An innovative local dimming technology that individually controls 512 LED areas, adjusts the backlighting according to the displayed content, to deliver extremely high contrast, with precise blacks and a detailed grey scale. ClearScan 400 is another feature of 55ZL800. With 200Hz frame rate and 16-division backlight scanning technology, the scan rate is equivalent to 400Hz, enhancing the smoothness of actions in sports and movies.

The 55ZL800’s picture quality is complemented by a specially designed audio system and multi-amplifier system that delivers vibrant, full-bodied sound far surpassing that of current TV sound systems. The two-way sound-bar speaker system is driven by a 40W multi-channel amplifier.

The 55ZL800 LED TV will be available from February, 2011.

Toshiba 3D LED TV:
The WL700 series of ultra-slim 3D LED TVs mark the launch of Toshiba’s first ever 3D LED TV for the Egypt market. Designed in collaboration between Toshiba’s in-house design team and Jacob Jensen Design, one of Europe’s leading design studios for high-end electronics, the WL700 series stands out for a minimalist design in glass and metal, both elegant and sophisticated at the same time, with an ultra-slim profile, only 29mm deep, and a bezel-free screen.

The new 46-inch and 55-inch Full HD TVs feature high-contrast Edge LED backlight panels, and 3D Resolution+, an upscaling technology for 2D and for 3D images. With the brilliant Edge LED backlight panel, which offers a dynamic contrast of 7,000,000:1, 200Hz motion-enhancement technology, and ClearScan 200 Pro, the WL700 series TVs offer bright, clear pictures free of motion blur.

At only 29mm thick, the WL700 series models feature an integrated sub-woofer that adds body to bass that provides a natural and vibrant sound. The integrated Audyssey EQ [2] provides clear, accurate and natural sound right out of the box. Together, these technologies ensure an audio experience as rich and satisfying as the video.

The WL700 series also features “AutoView” technology for best image results irrespective of the room environment, the “Auto Signal Booster” to improve the sensitivity of weak signals and Toshiba’s “Meta-Brain Premium” to deliver high-end image processing.

WL700 series are available in two sizes, 46- and 55-inches and support 200Hz frame rates. They will be available from January, 2011.



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