Dragon Age II preorder bonus detailed

Players pre-ordering the title will receive two unique items that are a sword and a shield. These bonuses will be perfectly suited to the type hero barbarian or paladin. Lion of the shield Orlais provides its owner with a greater physical health as well as higher gains in experience points.

It can accommodate two runes to increase its potential or diversify its range. The sword Fadeshear advantage to evolve alongside the player. Its characteristics vary positively with the level of the hero making it an attractive weapon in the long term. Its potential will be maximized face the demons and undead creatures.

The players have a new copy of the game they will settle for a fighting dog and the mirror transformation can change the visual appearance of the hero. These items will be available for a fee in secret shops if not illegal situated in the slums of Kirkwall.

Release date scheduled for March 11, 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.



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