EA announces “NFL Head Coach”

It looks like EA is planning to put its exclusive NFL license to use with a new gaming title that will put you in charge of an NFL team. Due in spring of 2006, NFL Head Coach will be the third NFL-related title in the EA catalog, cozying up to the ever-repetitive Madden series, and the less popular NFL Street.

“NFL Head Coach, the third pillar in our NFL portfolio, was developed to satiate all those Monday morning quarterbacks and fantasy football fanatics,” said Dale Jackson, Executive Producer, EA Tiburon. “NFL Head Coach is an entirely new football experience that every level of football gamer can play. It provides the strategy that the hardcore fan will demand, but with very easy-to-use controls and assistance for more casual fans. Football will no longer be intimidating for the casual user.”

Calling it “the first 3D strategy sports game” on the market, EA says that the game will involve more than just play-calling on game day. Rather, players will get a feel for the front office, practice, and player management. A special edition of the game, dubbed NFL Head Coach: Vikings Edition, will also allow you to send your team on saucy, sex-game boat rides, and in the bonus round, you can try to convince the press that Randy Moss wasn’t worth the headache, despite your record.

If EA could really pull off an NFL-based strategy title, they could have a hit on their hands. After all, the world is full of Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks these days.

NFL Head Coach will be released for both the Xbox and the PlayStation, and those of you who are console-less can expect a version for Microsoft Windows, to boot.


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