Twitter soon valued at over $ 4 billion?

The new investment fund set up by investment bank JP Morgan is interested in taking a stake in Twitter, which could increase the value of social network to more than $ 4 billion.
Web companies, particularly those relating to social networks, attract investments like magnets, pending a possible IPO. The social network Twitter is included and is the subject of regular speculation about potential acquisitions, regularly denied.

Meanwhile, some companies and investment funds are invited in their capital, bringing amounts up to the expectations raised. More than the companies themselves is their ability to dispose of the personal data of their users, to further exploitation, which is the core strategies.

The new fund set up by investment bank JP Morgan would try to take a minority stake in Twitter, according to information from Wall Street Journal , no agreement has yet been finalized.

Strong recovery but CA from a few hundred million dollars
But the fund has managed to raise $ 1.2 billion , well beyond its initial goals of 500 to 750 million dollars, which will allow him to hold out great aid to assist the development of flagship companies of the moment . Ongoing discussions with Twitter could push up the valuation of the social network to more than $ 4 billion while the company still generates little income alone.

The strategic fund from JP Morgan would also néogociations with Zynga , game publisher posted on social networks and also interested in an IPO in the short or medium term and seek to raise $ 500 million.

Despite pressure from some players (Facebook, Google …), the leaders of Twitter seems to always rule out the idea of being redeemed, preferring to continue to develop their business and trying to monetize the flow and content from the approximately 200 million subscribers to the social network.



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