Mortal Kombat “banned” in Australia

This news should not surprise you: Mortal Kombat will know no official distribution in Australia, a non-fault classification.
We doubted just a bit, just by liabilities in the series, the new Mortal Kombat would return to the entry of certain countries, Australia in mind. We learned that this beautiful country has refused to classify the set of Warner Bros.. And as it is impossible to sell a cultural product has not received any classification, Mortal Kombat is not officially distributed in Australia (with the Like a lot of konfrères before). If only the home of kangaroos could consider classifying video games for adults, because at present we can not prohibit a title to the land to a player who beyond 15 years.

Only solution for our Australian friends to play without leaving their country imports, but then they return illegally. Only bright spot in this case, the Australian dollar, strong and allowing purchases from abroad cheaper than 20/30% by Kotaku AU .

Mortal Kombat will be sold here from 21 April on PS3 and Xbox 360.



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