International Roaming for Trueroots customers by Tata Communications

Tata Communications, a leading provider of the new world of communications, today announces international roaming for its trueroots customers across US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong , France and Germany. Trueroots customers can now use the same account to stay in touch while travelling in all seven of these countries.

Trueroots International Calling Service from Tata Communications provides an easy and secure way to stay in touch with family and friends. The service boasts voice clarity, ease of connectivity, uninterrupted calling, together with competitive international calling rates. While roaming in any of the seven countries, users can access the trueroots toll free number for that country and directly make a call to more than 220 countries across the world. No prior activation is required. Details of roaming can be accessed via the individual trueroots country websites, e.g.

Users can experience world-class telephony via ,, ,, and along with the option of calling over 200 countries worldwide.

Tata Communications enjoys a unique advantage in offering voice services which are backed by an extensive global submarine cable infrastructure. This infrastructure is also part of 80 other consortium and private cables (SEACOM, SE-ME-WE-3, SE-ME-WE-4, SAFE/SAT 3 and APCN etc.), touching six continents. Tata Communications owns the Tata Global Network, which includes the TGN Atlantic, TGN Western Europe, TGN Northern Europe, TGN Pacific, TGN Intra Asia, and TGN-India Asia subsea cable systems, all of which allow it to ensure international voice quality for its Trueroots product. The company is also the world’s largest carrier of wholesale voice traffic carrying over 32 billion minutes annually.


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