Vienna Channels will no provide support for Dummy Phone Fulfillment Market

Vienna Channels announces a new program which oversees the distribution of dummy/mockup phones for POS and store display opportunities. Vienna Channels handles the entire fulfillment process, including online order placement, packaging assembly and next-day shipping. The distribution system makes the process of getting point of purchase materials into the right stores a seamless one; essentially a set-it-and-forget-it process for manufacturers. Vienna Channels can also manage the store distribution lists and notify manufacturers of undeliverable materials. It makes the fulfillment process fully accountable and gives manufacturers a full, detailed picture of the mock up-phone distribution program. 

“Additionally, the distribution lists for the dummy phones are also editable by the clients in their online dashboard,” said Pamela Bofinger, Founder of Vienna Channels. “It’s useful for our clients, as it allows for updates or edits quickly and efficiently.” In a competitive environment, wireless manufacturers are looking for ways to streamline processes and make those processes accountable. Vienna Channels is looking to provide service to meet those needs with their distribution system for dummy phones.


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