New MMORPG updates by ggFTW

ggFTW, a leading MMO and MMORPG game portal owned and operated by Gavist Media, today announced the official launch of its redesigned MMORPG database and “Find Your Game” feature. ggFTW’s MMO and MMORPG database now includes 528 distinct MMO, MMORPG, and browser-based (BBG) games with new games added weekly. Features of the new MMORPG database include:

1. Revamped MMO rating system. The MMO rating system has been significantly overhauled leveraging the more common 10.0 scale and simplifying the process to rate a game from eight clicks to two. The “confidence bar” has been replaced with a star-based visual rating render for a quick look at how well a game is rated.

2. Game rating widgets. ggFTW now provides its game rating blocks for use on other websites, publisher sites, fan sites, or MMO blogs. Code to implement the widgets can be found on each individual game page in the MMORPG list.

3. Simplified MMO list. The MMORPG list has been greatly simplified from a multi-paged, alphabetical navigation to a simple flat list for quick comparison of the games.

4. Community-contributed reviews and guides. Guides and reviews are now directly linked from the individual MMO game pages making them easier to find for ggFTW members and visitors. Coming soon, the most recent guides and reviews will also be featured on the homepage

5. More relevant “Recommended MMOs.” The “Recommended MMO” list now shows more relevant games based upon the visitor’s region to prevent recommending games that the visitor cannot play because of licensing restrictions.

6. Restructured MMORPG game information pages. Based upon member feedback, the MMORPG game information pages have been redesigned to present the most relevant information such as ratings, screenshots, and news first. ggFTW will continue to refine these pages based upon member feedback in the coming months.

The new “Find Your Game” (FYG) feature is a community-powered suggestion engine designed to answer the most-asked question on ggFTW, “What game should I play?”

FYG takes games the player currently plays and matches them against other games played by players of those same games. FYG is currently powered by more than 2,500 community-based suggestions and the suggestion pool grows daily.

“‘What game should I play’ is the single most commonly asked question on ggFTW,” said Paul Stout, CEO of Gavist Media. “With our new FYG feature, we attempt to give an easy answer to that question based upon the most-played games on ggFTW. With this feature, we believe we now have the most advanced search feature of any MMORPG portal on the Internet.”

“The new FYG feature is extremely helpful and definitely unique,” said Sandrie – ggFTW community staff member. “It’s helped me find more relevant games to play than simply comparing ratings on other MMORPG portals.”

ggFTW also finished February 2011 as its strongest month since inception. Revenue for February 2011 is projected at 1009% of February 2010 revenue. Pageviews were up 10% year-over-year and unique visitors were up 32%. With January’s year-over-year revenue increase of 595%, ggFTW has started 2011 strong and poised for rapid growth.


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