Indilinx launches Martini Firmware for its Barefoot Plus SSD Controllers

Indilinx, the leading technology provider for solid state drives (SSDs), today announced that it has released its next generation firmware Martini for use with its Barefoot Plus SATA-3Gbps SSD controller. Martini more than doubles the random write performance of its predecessor Cognac by applying a proprietary technology called HyperQueueing. HyperQueueing improves the utilization of each NAND flash device by increasing the concurrency of programming operations and by more intelligently scheduling queued commands across all available NAND Flash devices.

Martini also features a robust power loss recovery procedure to improve system reliability. This procedure ensures write atomicity and in-order write completion, which together help prevent file system corruption in the event of an unexpected power failure. Write atomicity guarantees that data will either be written correctly or not at all. 

In-order write completion requires that any data stored on the media accurately reflect the order in which they were issued from the host. As a result of these reliability improvements, Martini obviates the need for certain file systems to employ performance-reducing methods in order to ensure file system integrity, such as the use of barrier options in Linux Ext3/4. 

“Martini demonstrates our commitment to provide the most innovative and compelling products for our customers,” said Hyunmo Chung, CTO of Indilinx. “SSD OEMs asked for greater performance and reliability using our Barefoot Plus controller, and we delivered it with Martini.”


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