New Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 Network Scanner: Scan-to-Process and Scan-to-Cloud

The compact ScanSnap N1800 can bolster office communication routines in any type or size of business. Document capture processes are individually configurable and can subsequently be configured as “job buttons”. Thus, users see just the functions they need on the intuitive touch screen. That saves time and reduces errors. The programmable job buttons transmit the captured information directly to the desired business process or department.

The N1800 is capable of operating completely on its own, thanks to its integrated user administration and intelligent connection to e-mail, the Web or cloud storage. Potential users of this scenario could be workgroups or small businesses. Administrators can assign tailored job routines either locally or by means of a central administration console to manage all the settings, reports, and functions for up to 1,000 devices remotely. Finally, they can integrate the N1800 into the company’s centralized network administration and ActiveDirectory structure.

“Network scanners at the department level are a big trend right now because more and more businesses want to integrate their paper-based information into electronic business processes. What’s more, they want to do it as efficiently as possible, with a minimum of training. Whenever multiple users want to capture documents on a regular basis, an easy-to-use network scanner is the way to go. Besides, it generally pays for itself quickly. The new ScanSnap N1800 represents a compact, but nevertheless very versatile solution that is precisely developed for this growing market”, explains Klaus Schulz, Manager Product Marketing EMEA, PFU Imaging Solutions.

Scan-to-Process and Scan-to-Cloud for Teams and Departments:

Designed for a corporate environment, the scanner transfers up to 40 images per minute (20 A4 sheets per minute, duplex) to the network and to existing business processes. An optional receipt confirms that the transmission has been successful. The ScanSnap N1800 has a lot more features that make it easy and flexible:

  • Efficient: As with the rest of the ScanSnap family, all you need is a single touch of a button or an area on a touch screen. If you desire special functions, another touch of the screen is all you need to have a detailed menu of capture parameters at your fingertips – providing the administrator has authorized the changes.
  • Intelligent: The new solution effortlessly processes a mixed combination of documents (mixed batch scanning) in a single run – everything from a business card to an A3 page. Its intelligent software automatically corrects skewed, distorted, or upside-down originals and crops them to the desired size. An internal recognition feature automatically transforms highlighted words into PDF key words (auto indexing).
  • Secure: Government agencies, banks and other users with stringent security requirements can employ the ScanSnap N1800 in good conscience. If desired, it can generate password-protected PDF files and encrypt data before sending it. It even meets such stringent security standards as the American DOD 5220.22-M norm.
  • Stand-Alone: The N1800 is a complete system, capable of running without a PC or server because it can connect directly to external e-mail services, NAS systems or cloud storage. Users do not need to install drivers or operating software on their PCs, thereby helping to cut down on administrative expense.
  • Personal: Individual settings for each user or group of users increase operating efficiency. Address books and mailing lists can either be stored locally or obtained centrally from the LDAP corporate directory.
  • Flexible: All administrative tasks can be performed locally with the aid of the easy-to-use touch screen. Small and mid-sized companies do not need an additional server or management environment: The ScanSnap N1800 comes with everything on board already. Even the Network Scanner Admin Tool comes bundled as standard equipment. This software solution allows administrators to access individual network scanners or connect to a Central Admin Server to manage all the ScanSnap N1800s on the network.
  • Scalable: It is possible to configure up to 1,000 devices completely centrally, even though they may be in different locations. Centrally administered authorizations as well as central management of configuration, consumables and operating statistics plus a lot more features, make life easier for an administrator.

CeBIT Exhibit, Price and Availability:
The new ScanSnap N1800 is on display at the Fujitsu Stand, Hall 2, Stand B38, in the Public Sector Parc, Hall 9, Stand C60, and in the Planet Reseller area, Hall 14, Stand J44. PFU will present the entire, greatly expanded ScanSnap family there. Visitors can learn how to optimize customers’ business processes and use network functions or cloud services with ease by means of intelligent document capture solutions. The ScanSnap N1800 is now available at authorized dealers at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Price of 1650€/1419GBP/2244USD (VAT not included).


Model Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800
Features Professional scanner capable of processing 20ppm/40ipm A4 at 200 dpi resolution with Auto Rotate, Crop, Auto Color; scan resolution up to 600dpi b/w, grey tones or 24-bit color
Paper Input tray capacity up to 50 pages, paper weights from 52 to 127 g/m², page sizes from 52 x 74 mm to 216 x 355.6 mm
Touch screen 8.4 inch color, resolution 1024 x 768; software keypad
Network functions Scan to SharePoint, Scan to Mail, Scan to Folder, Scan to Fax, Scan to Print, Scan to FTP
Integrated intelligence Automatic index function for highlighted text, automatic correction of skewed pages and sizes; extensive and flexible integration into office processes
Security features SSL-encrypted transmission; SMTPS secure e-mail connection; password protection for PDFs; meets American DOD 5220.22-M security standard
Customization Job buttons, individual control is configurable according to role and user; developer SDK available for software add-ins
Centralized administrative functions Software update, configurations update, user roaming, consumables management, device management, user monitoring
Size and weight 300 × 226 × 172 mm (W x L x H), 7.0 kg
List price Manufacturer’s Suggested Price 1650€/1419GBP/2244USD (VAT not included)


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