Serious Sam 3: New Details and First Images

Serious Sam 3, the next Croteam FPS veteran, highlights its first images in-game and some details about its multiplayer.

In contrast to what is usually done in terms of FPS, Serious Sam proposes simply to fight hordes of enemies. In a sense, its gameplay can be likened to that of recent Bulletstorm. After two episodes completely crazy, the studio gets down to the development of Croteam Serious Sam 3: Beyond First Encounter.

We just put his hand on the first images of this new album, highlighting a cartoon art style less focused than its predecessor. However, the enemies still have that look unusual and completely crazy. The gameplay, meanwhile, will not be altered. Suffice it to knock out a maximum of monsters using powerful weapons. As a novelty, special moves hand-to-body have been designed. The title will also offer a multiplayer experience through a cooperative mode up to 16 players. Obviously, it will also count on competitive modes such as Deathmatch or famous Beast Hunt.

Serious Sam 3 will be available during the summer of 2011 on PC.



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