Trine 2 Video Tutorials

The small studio based in Frozenbyte Helskinki issued three small videos for Trine 2.

The Finnish firm continues its slow but steady rise in the world of video games. It will seek during the second half to attract fans of cooperation and logic. Trine 2 will naturally follow the footsteps of his predecessor composed of short phases of combat and puzzle mechanics.

These are perfectly the value of the game physics engine that can accurately transcribe the flexible body twisting like a rope or tree leaves. These three videos are actually tutorials the thief, the knight and the magician. These characters have a certain specialization to enable them to solve puzzles in different ways.

Knowing that the player can play as three characters, so it has a multitude of ways to escape unhurt. It may also rely on human players to maximize the cooperation request, however a minimum of voice communication.

Release date scheduled for the second quarter of 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Trine 2: Thief Tutorial Gameplay:

Trine 2: Knight Tutorial Gameplay:

Trine 2: Wizard Tutorial Gameplay:


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