iTheme 1.0 Announced by Always Online Group

Ayogo – Always Online Group announces iTheme 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. This graphically vibrant app provides users customized lock-screen and home screen skins that are integrated to fit perfectly onto the iPhone or iPod touch’s lock-screen area, with a second image designed to fit around a user’s home screen icons. This fun app currently holds the #9 position in Apple’s Lifestyle app category in the U.S.

Berlin, Germany – Ayogo – Always Online Group, an emerging developer of mobile web-based products and platforms, has announced the recent release of iTheme – Themes for iPhone and iPod touch. As a testament to its quick rise to success, this fun app currently holds the #9 position in Apple’s Lifestyle app category in the U.S. and holds a TOP 20 Lifestyle App position in over twenty other countries’ App Stores. Created to fit seamlessly into these device’s interfaces, iTheme allows users to pick and choose from a full library of unique two-image sets to utilize on their mobile phone or iPod touch interface. Allowing users to spice up their iOS devices with exotic and aesthetically unique skins, iTheme – Themes for iPhone and iPod touch is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $1.99. To note, this application requires iPhone 3GS models and iPod touch 3G models or higher to run.

The newest release in Ayogo’s popular graphic customization app line, iTheme takes the notion of adaptive wallpapers one step further to include device’s lock-screen backgrounds within their theme schemes in addition to home screens. Rather than acting independently as a backdrop for a mobile device’s home screen, this app offers backgrounds whose design elements embrace users’ existing app or utility icons and are – quite literally – shaped by them. To ensure that aesthetic continuity is maintained regardless of whether a user’s phone is locked or not, iTheme pairs all of it’s available wallpapers with a second matching graphic image specifically cut to proportions for a user’s lock screen without indentations or differentiations for home screen icons.

The concept behind this mobile tool is simply to offer users artistically pleasing background options that aesthetically unify their home screens together with their device’s lock screens. iTheme functions like any other wallpaper catalog. The app includes twenty diversely beautiful themes for users to choose from. These designs differ both in style and color tones, ensuring that no matter their tastes, users are almost certain to find a paired skin theme that they love. iTheme isn’t simply a gimmick, it’s a visually stunning customization tool which gives users the power to keep their iPhones and iPod touches uniquely theirs regardless of how many friends or family member own the same device.


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