Facebook soon valued at 65 billion

The fund General Atlantic is in talks with Facebook to take a stake in its capital, which could increase its value to 65 billion. Early 2011, the social network Facebook  raised $ 500 million through the Russian investment fund Digital Sky Technologies, which closely follows the emergence of these companies Web booming, and investment bank Goldman Sachs in a waiver that would have injected a total 1.5 billion dollars.

The deal puts the valuation of the social network at 50 billion dollars while a recent report suggests that it is transitioning to all local European social networks, leaving little room for competition.

But according to information from the channel CNBC , financial transactions are not completed. The investment fund General Atlantic is in talks to take a tenth of the capital of Facebook, which could increase its value to … $ 65 billion .

The fund would be willing to buy 2.5 million unlisted shares to former employees of Facebook, but CNBC said, negotiations are ongoing and have yet to be endorsed by the leadership of the social network. The operation would not be complete.

Investment funds trying to take stakes before the IPO of Facebook, which should not occur before 2012 at best but a severe battle that promises to enter the capital and enjoy its insolent growth.

If the social network is in no hurry to embark on the adventure market, attractive to international growth but also has its constraints, Facebook will go through an intermediate step in beginning to submit periodic financial results from the month April 2011.



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