New SuperSpeed USB 3.0 500GB and 750GB Portable HDDs Announced by Plextor Europe

Plextor Europe Announced its New SuperSpeed USB 3.0 500GB and 750GB Portable HDDs

Plextor, a leading brand of high-performance storage and digital media solutions, introduces a new portable hard disk drive, equipped with a high-speed USB 3.0 connection. The PX-PH500U3 is a strikingly compact 500GB portable hard disk. Formed of perfect aluminum it incorporates the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface for exceedingly fast connection and data transfer rates. It is the fast new professional standard in portable hard disks from world renowned storage manufacturer Plextor. Power to the hard disk is also provided through the USB connector, eliminating the need to carry an additional power adapter.

Protecting the advanced drive mechanism an elegant casing crafted from aircraft grade aluminum results in a mere 162 grams total weight. The complete package includes a USB 3.0 cable and a stylish leatherette case provides additional protection during transportation. Complementing this well-balanced hardware, a range of powerful software applications comes preinstalled on the hard disk. Users can backup and restore valuable data using FNet PC Clone EX and maximize the read and write speeds with the Turbo HDD utility.

The exceptional quality of the PX-PH500U3 is fully supported by the reassurance of Plextors ‘Fast Warranty Service’, a comprehensive 2-years collect and return warranty in the EU, Norway and Switzerland (other countries 1-year carry-in).

The PX-PH500U3 is a high-performance SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with refined design – a compact hard disk for those that require professional quality and highly portable data storage.

Besides the 500GB PX-PH500U3, Plextor will also release a 750GB version: the PX-PH750U3. The 500 GB version will be available in Europe in March for a recommended end user price of EUR 99. The PX-PH750U3 will be available in April for a recommended end user price of EUR 135.


  1. (Electronics) Well I bought the older model of this USB drive in the 4gb size about 3 years ago or so. It lived in my pkceot for at least 2 years until it was full and I got a new one. The two years of wear in in my pkceot did nothing more than completely take the transend label off of it and all of teh info along with scratching the heck out of it. It is one tough little usb stick. It survived being soaked mulitple times and is still in decent shape. It still works great and looks kinda new-ish. the transfer speeds are reasonable for the price, i got it for $15. Oh also it came with a nice lanyard that helps keep track of it, otherwise it is so small it could be lost easily. I replaced it with a sandisk cruzer and have to say i liked this one better just because it was smaller and didn’t seem as fragile. The only problem I can see with it right now is that teh usb part that plugs in is a little loose, but in no danger of breaking off. Overall it is a cheap little usb drive that gets the job done. Also I never installed the transend software, so I don’t know anything about it.


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