Outlook Offline Folders Now Available On the iPhone and iPad

For a long time, iPad and iPhone users have been waiting for the ability to read Outlook offline folders (i.e, pst files). Arrow Bit SL has now released the first and only app that can read this type of files. The app is called Pst Mail and provides access to Outlook emails, with no need of an Internet connection, potentially saving money on the user’s data plan.

With this new solution from Arrow Bit, users may now have years’ worth of emails in their pockets. Thanks to this, many found that they no longer have a reason to carry their heavy laptops around.

Pst Mail can also interact with the mail app on the device, in order to reply or forward messages. It is also able to open pst files created with any version of Microsoft Outlook for Windows, both ANSI and Unicode.

In order to easily find messages in large pst files, the app also includes an advanced search option. Emails may be found by looking on several message attributes like sender, recipients, subject text, message body or even the attachment file name. The search can be restricted to a specific date range and optionally extend to include items found in subfolders.

Users may fully customize how folder items are displayed, by selecting sort criteria, direction and preferred name displayed. Email attachments are previewed in Pst Mail, but if the file format is not supported it can alternatively be opened with other apps installed on the device.

Pst Mail is available on the App Store, which includes a free lite version for evaluation. It provides the same features as the full version although it is limited on the number of emails a user may open in each folder.

Arrow Bit SL is a software development company that works with multiple platforms, with a main focus on Mac OS X and iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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