My Shot Lists for Travel – New iPhone and iPod Application

My Shot Lists For Travel (, a new app for iPhone and iPod touch developed by Southern California-based travel photography instructor, author and international tour guide Ralph Velasco, takes the guesswork out of travel photography and gives the user the ability to organize and track a shot list for any destination or subject.

Even the most amateur of photographers can return home with a well-rounded set of images that truly creates an overall cultural portrait of a place, and in the end, the result should be the basis for compelling slide shows, websites or photo albums, whether traveling around the world or around the corner.

Available on the App Store in iTunes, My Shot Lists For Travel fits within even the most casual photographer’s routine, and according to one reviewer it’s “like having an entire Travel Photography course in your pocket.”

  • For photographers of all skill levels – amateur to professional.
  • More than 50 categories for travel photography, such as Landscapes, People, Architecture, Markets, Natural Wonders, Landmarks and more.
  • Assists users in creating custom shot lists for any destination, subject or shooting environment.
  • Includes descriptions and sample images by Ralph Velasco for each category.
  • The My Data feature seamlessly makes use of the device’s internal camera capabilities and lets users create a visual list of photos, complete with notes.
  • The Challenge Me feature tests users’ creativity by randomly selecting a category to focus on.

Isn’t it better to have friends and family asking you to share your pictures, website or slide show, not the other way around?! To review My Shot Lists for Travel, contact us for a promotional or gift code.


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