TouCoul to Launch Car Headrest Mount for the iPad 2

TouCoul announces that it will release a model of CoulVue, its headrest mount for the car, that is specifically designed for the iPad 2. Apple unveiled its highly-anticipated iPad 2 yesterday, updating the popular tablet with a slimmer design, Facetime, a faster chip, and a front-facing camera.

CoulVue is an iPad car headrest mount that is built exclusively for the iPad. Combined with the iPad 2, backseat passengers will be able to easily video chat with family and friends, watch movies, play video games, use applications, and surf the web – all without uncomfortably holding their iPads.

With changes in the size and weight of the new tablet, it will be important to have a car headrest mounts specifically created for the iPad 2. CoulVue installs in minutes and will fit the new dimensions perfectly. Passengers can adjust it for the perfect viewing angle because it extends out ten inches, and its movement is completely unrestricted.

As for the rear-facing HD video camera, the iPad 2 version of CoulVue will have a small viewpoint in the back where the iPad’s lens will be. Combined with CoulVue’s ability to extend to the middle of the vehicle, this will allow passengers to shoot HD video right from the backseat.

Tete Sedalo, founder of TouCoul, said, “The iPad 2 is a huge improvement on the first iPad’s design. It will no doubt be a tremendous success, and the addition of a camera and FaceTime will make it even more of a tool to stay connected with friends and family. Imagine the possibilities of the iPad 2 combined with a wireless data plan and a CoulVue headrest mount: seamless hands-free video chat with anyone in the world, instant collaboration with co-workers and family, along with the ability to not only watch movies, but even make movies of your own.”

He continued, “Apple has consistently shown its ability to rapidly innovate. TouCoul is up to the challenge to design high-quality accessories that are available as soon as Apple’s new products are. In fact, we expect to be the first manufacturer on the market with a headrest car mount that’s designed exclusively for the iPad 2.”

CoulVue for iPad is currently available for pre-order and will be launch on March 15. The model for the iPad 2 is in development, and will be available on April 5.


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