Mortal Kombat playable demo next week

Mortal Kombat, the next installment of the popular fighting game ultra-gore coming on HD consoles, available in a few days of a playable demo exclusive to the PlayStation Network.
Following a panel of irrelevant episodes due to inappropriate gameplay to 3D, the series Mortal Kombat is back with a new album which should reinstate the same level as the beginning of the license. This ninth part reserved for the PS3 and Xbox 360 certainly provide a 3D engine, but progress remains in 2D, like a Street Fighter IV . Also, the gameplay is very responsive, which will satisfy fans of fighting games.

The app will make the usual combatants in the series to honor, while offering some new attacks X-ray bones that break radically, in addition to the usual fate. Warner Bros. has announced that a playable demo of Mortal Kombat will be online exclusively on PSN: March 8 for subscribers to PSN + 15 March and for other players . The trial version will arrive later on Xbox Live.



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