Catherine more info on the patch

The patch that will make it more accessible Catherine, and game director, Katsura Hashino, explains in detail what will make this update.
Japanese players complaining about the difficulty of nightmares Catherine must now take their troubles patiently awaiting the availability of the patch “fix” promised by Atlus . Let them be reassured, Katsura Hashino, director Catherine comes to know about the blog of the game that work on this update are on the verge of success. The development team is currently conducting audits and preparing for the upcoming release of the patch. No date has been announced when I type these lines, but a future update of the blog we learn of Catherine surely.

The additions of the patch: the easy mode of Catherine will now include a “helper function”, which apparently makes the game “easy enough”. Mr Hashino also advises players really talented little to refer to a specific page of official website ( Hint Play ) offering tips and advice on video for complex passages. Easy and Normal modes should allow more room for error, so the player can concentrate on strategies to implement to complete levels. Very importantly, it will be possible with an option to return the game to a state prior to installing the patch . We are told however that it will not work for some areas. Damn.

Katsura Hashino also suggested that other patches will emerge, it is for this reason that the staff wants to end it as quickly as possible and then focus on the achievement of additional content for the “support function”. A forthcoming update could even include an option to review the cutscenes at leisure, but for now this is a strong request of players.

Recall that Catherine will be marketed in the U.S. in summer 2011 .



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