Adobe Introduces Next-Generation Platform for Adobe Online Marketing Suite

New Platform Designed for Explosion in Mobile, Video, Social Data; Creates Framework for Sharing and Acting Upon Audience Segments Across the Suite; New Release of Adobe SiteCatalyst Built on Next-Gen Platform.

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced a new, next-generation platform for the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture. This new platform dramatically improves how the Online Marketing Suite processes data and derives insight, powering the Suite’s analytics products with new capabilities and setting the stage for deeper, more valuable integrations between the products across the Suite. Adobe also announced a new version of Adobe SiteCatalyst, which includes enhancements that directly result from the new platform capabilities.

Social, mobile and video have become mainstream digital channels and the new platform has been engineered to power next-generation analytics with deeper analysis and faster time to insight around these types of data streams. Additionally, the platform is extensible to new channels of interaction that are unforeseen and will blend those data elements into the overall analytics infrastructure.

Other benefits of the new platform include:

  • Performance Improvements – Complex reports process more quickly, reducing valuable seconds, minutes or even hours off the time required for customers to obtain insights from these reports.
  • Common Data Sets and Consistent Reporting – The new platform creates a common data set for the following analytics products within the Suite: Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe Discover and Adobe DataWarehouse™. This ensures a consistency of reporting.
  • Enhanced Data Sharing across the Suite – An audience segment built in Adobe Discover or Adobe DataWarehouse can now be shared with SiteCatalyst and reports can be filtered by these segments. Audience segments within SiteCatalyst can be used to build Adobe Test&Target™ campaigns from directly within SiteCatalyst, making it easier for marketers to test content or run campaigns against high-value audience segments.

Adobe SiteCatalyst Enhancements:
The new version of SiteCatalyst is the first version built on the new platform. SiteCatalyst has been enhanced with new features and functionality made possible by the new platform, including:

  • Real-Time Segmentation – SiteCatalyst customers can now run any report, in real time, filtered by segments such as Facebook users, mobile traffic, visitors who have watched a video or any other custom-defined segment, quickly getting the insight they need to make timely decisions. For example, an online marketer could run a report showing how all Facebook visitors interact with their site or quickly build a segment that evaluates repeat visitors who have purchased and come from Facebook.
  • Ease-of-Use and Faster Time to Insight – A new user interface displays customizable, interactive overview reports immediately upon logging in. New search functionality enables SiteCatalyst users to quickly find a specific report by name or type without sorting through the menu system.
  • New SiteCatalyst iPad App – This new analysis app has been optimized for the capabilities of the iPad and enables marketers to manipulate SiteCatalyst data for deeper analysis and insight while on the go.

Currently in beta, the updated version of SiteCatalyst will be generally available in Q2 of 2011 for new customers. Existing customers will be migrated to the new platform over time. For more information, please contact your account manager.



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