Crysis 2 demo tweaking

If you find that the demo of Crysis 2 is almost unplayable, try these few tweaks that should boost the visibility of the game, your framerate and your score.

Start by creating a shortcut to Crysis2Demo.exe, then right click on it to add the following parameters:
Cl_fov + = 90 + 90 + r_MotionBlur pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov = = = 0 + 1 + g_skipIntro r_glow = 0

And you will get rid of motion blur that makes the game blur and glow which makes it bright and blinding. Other commands can be broaden at your perspective. Consider also the key Rebinder Nano Vision and then abuse it to detect enemy: you should easily climb the top of the scoreboard. And feel free to discuss the details at least: the game is very beautiful and it will be even nicer if it is really smooth.


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