inFamous 2 Beta Playable Demo

inFamous 2, the upcoming action game open-world Sucker Punch on PS3, will benefit from a playable beta which will offer functionality for creating tasks.
After a first episode of relatively good and interesting to play, Sucker Punch prepares inFamous 2. This suite, exclusive on PS3 promises a dose of fun even more present due to a host of new electric power.

A news announced at the Game Developers Conference, is the mission editor . Thus, players can create their own objectives in New Marsh city , and share them with other players online. Sony has revealed that a playable beta will be available from April 12 to test this feature. However, this opportunity will be feasible only for certain subscribers PlayStation More preselected. For the lucky, the method of access to the beta will be shown here .

inFamous 2 will be available in June 2011, only on PS3.



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