Facebook buys Snaptu

The start-up Snaptu, which develops mobile applications, was acquired by Facebook, always with a view to increase the presence of social networking in the mobile world.

The links between Facebook and the universe are moving ever closer and if the social network regularly denies rumors of preparing its own mobile OS, Partnerships for ” Facebook Phones “and applications are multiplying, ensuring its presence terminals.

The start-up Snaptu had announced earlier this year a mobile application developed in direct partnership with Facebook for mobile phones than other smartphones, to reach a wide audience beyond the established markets in emerging countries .

And collaboration is now beyond the partnership since Snaptu said he accepted a buyout proposal by Facebook for $ 70 million , which will be finalized in the coming weeks.

The company, founded in 2007 and offers a mobile platform from which the Facebook application for feature phones has been created and will find ways to disseminate its expertise and participate in projects directly from Facebook mobile, which are a strategic element for the social network.

In emerging countries, computers are scarce and the primary means of Internet access remains the mobile phone. To offer a platform for easy access to Facebook is a major challenge to welcome new members and continue to grow the company.



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