VeriTainer Announces the VeriRAD Scanning Technology

VeriTainer Corporation, the world leader in crane mounted scanning technology, is introducing the VeriSpreader® VeriRAD.  The VeriRAD technology is a low cost, scalable solution designed to seamlessly address radiation scanning at terminals worldwide.  Based on VeriTainer’s patented crane mounted scanning technology, this industry driven solution will provide perimeter radiation protection for ports.  The technology has been field tested at 4 ports worldwide having performed over 2 million detector lifts without failure.

“With what we are seeing in Genoa and Japan, terminals are demanding asset protection from highly radioactive containers,” said John Alioto, CEO of VeriTainer. “In response to this need, we designed the VeriRAD system to specifically address this threat,” Alioto went on to say.

The VeriRAD is a sub-system of the port-proven VeriSpreader® System.  While the VeriSpreader is a full scale anti-terrorist technology, the VeriRAD provides simple and efficient perimeter detection of highly radioactive freight at global terminals.  This low cost and highly scalable system integrates into existing spreader bars and can be installed and operating in a matter of weeks.

“In response to a number of on-going radiological security beaches we are seeing today, we designed the VeriRAD to seamlessly address the most likely radiological threats to ports and their terminal operators,” said Dr. Eugene Yamamoto, Chief Physicist at VeriTainer.  Yamamoto added, “The system can easily identify these highly radioactive threats and do so with a virtually zero false alarms.”

VeriTainer is taking orders on the VeriRAD system for delivery this spring.


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