Beta Test MSN Messenger v8

Microsoft is expanding their pool of beta participants for the Customer Experience Validation Program and the MSN Beta Program.

If you’re currently an MSN Butterfly there is no need to sign up for CEV or the MSN Beta Program since you are already enrolled. The MSN beta program offers you the exclusive opportunity to test a new version of a product before it is released to the general public.

Signing up will give you the chance to be involved with testing future MSN Products including MSN Toolbar, MSN Messenger and MSN Explorer.
For a chance to become an MSN tester please visit the Microsoft Connect site and input the following invite code based on your country of residence:

Download: Microsoft Connect – Sign Up Austria – AU-B86F-P6HH
Australia – AU-X8FG-XWR9
Belgium – BE-BFFD-FMV7
Canada – CA-8VPP-8W8V
China – CH-4PYP-H4D4
France – FR-XJGB-JV79
Germany – GER-JJBM-9VFY
Italy – IT-3FCK-D8XM
Israel – ISR-3H7B-F4HP
Japan – JA-DT6D-9YCY
Korea – KO-9BV2-T2BP
Netherlands – NE-3G4X-4M84
Portugal – POR-FP8C-9M9F
Spain – SP-RKFT-CV2X
United Kingdom – UK-HQ69-6JBQ
United States – US-64JX-J2HJ

Signing up isn’t a guarantee that you will be picked for the upcoming betas as Microsoft will only contact you if you fit the tester they’re currently looking for


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