Securing Email At Small Businesses

Essential Security Software today announced Essential Taceo, an email and document security small business rights management product that provides small businesses the same level of rights management and encryption traditionally only available to larger enterprises.
Taceo integrates with Microsoft Outlook to deliver one-click email content protection and rights management control, enabling small business users and individuals to easily and securely distribute sensitive email messages and documents.

By providing content authors with the power to determine how recipients may use their email and other documents, Taceo protects the privacy, integrity and authenticity of their intellectual property. For example, Taceo email senders can prevent unauthorized distribution (no forwarding or printing of the message) and prevent unauthorized editing (no cutting, copying, or pasting) of content. In addition, users can set expiration times/dates on email and documents, as well as set usage permissions that evolve over time. Taceo includes 1024-bit RSA asymmetric encryption, 128-bit 3-DES encryption, and digital signatures that can be applied to any file type. Taceo’s persistent security and control remains for the life-cycle of the email or document including while in storage, transit, and after it has arrived on the recipient’s desktop.

Taceo helps small businesses with compliance for government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley Act, and California Senate Bill 1386 that require that firms dealing with personal, financial, or medical information implement proper safeguards against theft or corruption.


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