SFXEngine Sound Effects Software Announced

Cornutopia software has unveiled it’s latest software product, a sound effects creation and processing system called SFXEngine. The software breaks the mould of using sample editors to manipulate audio and instead uses Photoshop-style plug-in units called engines to generate or modify the sound.

SFXEngine is powerful sound creation software. Using a plug-in based synthesis system, you can use SFXEngine to quickly and easily create any sound or add new audio effects to existing sounds.

Every engine in SFXEngine has a number of parameters, the Low Pass Filter engine for example has Cutoff frequency as a parameter. What makes SFXEngine so powerful is that any parameter or any engine can be modulated, changed over time in any way that you want.

Any of the parameters of any engine can be modulated in any specified pattern, using nothing less than another wav file to create a system that is simple to use but very powerful. For more information about SFXEngine visit sfxengine.com.

News source: Graphics.com


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