Glaser’s iPod criticism may fall on deaf ears

Rob Glaser has never been known for his reticence, and Monday was no exception. The founder and CEO of RealNetworks said Apple Computer’s refusal to make the iPod compatible with music services other than its own was the result of “pig-headedness” on the part of Steve Jobs.

Perhaps Glaser felt particularly emboldened to speak out since the $761 million settlement he extracted from Microsoft a couple of months ago. Or perhaps he just felt as if he doesn’t have much to lose, given that RealNetworks–once the market leader in digital music–is often an afterthought today.

Glaser’s words and actions toward Apple, most notably a much-publicized hack of the iPod’s digital format last year, have won some support among those who fear that Apple will soon have a monopoly in digital music. Yet, if responses in the blogosphere are any indication, his calls to rally opposition may be viewed as either hypocritical or simply too late.


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