AMD rises, Intel falters and Google surges

CHIP GIANT Intel saw its share price wobble to close at $25.81 today, while little underling AMD’s share price gained $1.10 to close at $29.22. Newly floated AMD protege Spansion (tick: SPSN) did little but float in the doldrums.
AMD’s rise left Wall Street analysts in something of a daze. Or perhaps it was because of the strike on the New York subway that AMD soared. Intel opened at $25.79 so was up three cents at close space on NASDAQ, which is computer based, unlike much of the New York Stock Exchange, where AMD is listed.

Others in the famous Cher Price portfolio showed mixed results. Rambus (RMBS ) for example, was down 24 cents to $16.22.

Broadcom (BRCM), rose by sixteen cents to close at $47.17. Rackable Systems (RACK) was up by a quarter to close at $24.20.

Google (GOOG) rose by a resounding $5.14 to stop at $429.74. Microsoft was up by three cents to stop at $28.86. Transmeta stayed about the same at $1.15. ATI was up 40 cents to stop at $16.50. Nvidia (NVDA) was down two cents at $36.22. It’s hard to make much sense of the foregoing, except to say that there will be profit taking before the markets shut for Yule. It was ever thus.

News source: theinquirer


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