Buy a $350,000 diamond studded notebook

SAY SANTA DIDN’T bring you that Turion laptop you have been coveting, and you have an extra $350K kicking around, we have the laptop for you. The Tulip E-Go in it’s normal guise is a Turion notebook with 1GB of DDR, a large HD and a DVD-R. Tulip makes it look like a handbag, leather covered, or by some accounts, a zebra skin(1).

If leather and zebras are not your thing, go to Tulip’s page here, and click on ‘Diamond’. Then you will see what kind of laptop you can buy for a third of a million dollars or so. 80 karats of diamonds, palladium white gold inlays, and a large square cut ruby. The ATI chipset will also run the Ruby demo.

So, buy a couple, one for each of the kids so they don’t get jealous. In fact buy a bunch, at that price, they are going to go fast. If you are thinking of getting a Yonah based laptop, just remember, while they may cost more than $300K less, they are not 64 bit.

News source: theinquirer


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