Microsoft will decide the DVD format wars

PUNDITS taking bets on which next-generation high-definition DVD format will win acceptance – Blu-ray and HD-DVD – now think that it will be Microsoft that will decide.
According to the EE Times, the Vole is using its operating-system clout to bundle HD-DVD within Vista, the company’s next-generation OS.

Microsoft is also offering er “cash incentives” to system vendors or retailers if they agree to support HD-DVD. Vole is refusing to confirm or deny the reports and the EE Times seems to think that such aggression has caught the Blu-ray advocates on the hop.

It seems that Volish plotting might have been behind HP’s surprise defection from Blu-Ray to HD-DVD.Maureen Weber, general manager of HP’s Personal Storage Business, says that the move to include HD-DVD in its plans only came after a series of meetings with Vole. Intel claims it is agnostic about the formats.

News source: theinquirer


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