Extra cheap laser mouse coming

REAL WORLD TECH has some coverage of the 2005 International Electron Devices Meeting. With 240 technical presentations, it was obvious that not all would have been covered. A very long and technical article which gives you an insight on what’s coming next. From Intel’s low power 65nm bulk CMOS process to Moore’s law and Sony’s exciting MRAM, there’s content for everyone indeed.

Extremetech goves back over ten failed tech trends in 2005 or turkeys as they became to be known. Pity for the Christmas one though. So you’ve got the BTX form factor, HD optical drives and iPod competitors. Why they did include Dual graphics cards or Gmail is something that you might find interesting to read – but it did surprise me though.

How much more overclocking can a $50 fan bring to a video card. This is the question answered in that review from Legionhardware where they test the Thermalright V-1 Ultra. It is credible competitor to the Arctic Cooler Silencer. Costing even more than the Zalman VGA coolers, does it perform way better? And most importantly, will it be compatible with SLI setups?

Budget Input Peripheral manufacturer A4Tech makes its first foray in the lucrative world of gaming mice with the X-718, tested at VRzone. It comes with a 2000dpi sensor and a dedicated button for altering the DPI setting. VR-zone found that it was responsive and accurate and was well worth the price, especially at around £20.

Newcomer, Australian website APC, tests the Brother MFC-215c – which is a Multi Function Printer combining a card reader, a flatbed scanner, a fax machine and a printer. Hardware.fr tested it AFAIR and considered it much worse than the rest of the competition in Europe. Now the aussie reviewer found it good but we have no indication on how the printing quality is; which is a shame really. My advice, stick to the big four

Hothardware reviews something really hot. Literally. The Intel Pentium EE 955 and the 975X platform. A Dual Core 3.46GHz processor – almost twice that of the Opteron 165, it has 4MB onboard cache and more than 376m transistors. Did I hear Server processor? Dual Core with HT, pricey and still not keeping up with the six month old X2 4800+. Fortunately for Intel, there is a whole new family coming up.

News source: Theinquirer


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