Most expensive driving ‘simulator’ ever arrives

A CONCEPT CAR from Nissan boasts some heavily integrated accessories.
Way back when, Pole Position put a steering wheel onto a video game cabinet. Now MS and Nissan are putting a video game behind the steering wheel. They call it a “fully integrated gaming system within a vehicle.”

The two companies say, “Conceived by Nissan Design America Inc. (NDA) and equipped with the Xbox 360 next-generation video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the Nissan URGE concept car allows drivers (while parked) to play ‘Project Gotham Racing 3’ using the car’s own steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedal while viewing the game on a flip-down seven-inch LCD screen.”

So, even when you’ve got nowhere to go, you can still pretend.

The (petrol) burning question is: do you have to leave the car running to play? Seems a little wasteful and expensive. Then again, if you’ve got an extra Xbox 360 just for your car, you probably don’t care.

News source: theinquirer


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