LG in warranty rip off

A GOVERNMENT watchdog has slammed electronics giant LG over its limited and voluntary one-year warranties on its mobile phones.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking legal action against LG Electronics. At the heart of the case is the issue of how multinational companies are trying to force global warranty policies that undermine Aussie Laws.

The West Australian Department of Consumer Protection received 30 complaints about the limited warranties offered on LG mobile phones between April and October 2005. Amongst other things, LG was trying to get customers to agree to a clause which said that it no liability for any indirect or special loss caused by the malfunction of its phones.

So if the thing blew up in your face and melted itself to your ear, LG would only have to replace the phone and not your medical bills.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Commission said the law enshrined basic warranty conditions for the return and refund of money for faulty goods, and this was not limited by time. LG didn’t seem to want this.

The customer-friendly entertainment gear maker Apple is likely to face a similar case down under about the way it deals with customers who returned faulty iPods.

News source: theinquirer


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