Google’s turn at a network computer?

THEY SAY THAT all stories become true eventually. So while Google is busy denying it is getting into the PC hardware game, rumours abound of a Google cube. A dumb box that will do network stuff.
Remember the ‘network is the computer’ tag of Scott McNealy, remember Larry Ellison standing on stage in September 1995 and announcing the network computer? A box that appeared to be less about being useful and more about stopping people buying Microsoft software.

It never took off, but that didn’t stop Larry attempting to resurrect it in 1999.

Ah, the good old days when everything seemed possible and nothing seemed improbable.

Now there is all this talk of a Google cube. A dumb box that sits in your house and allows you to download TV shows, movies and music and play games. It should sit nicely with our VCR, DVD player, freeview box, cable box, games console and media centre PC.

So who will our good friends at Gurgle announce a partnership with tomorrow? Who knows, it could be Sun, Oracle, Cisco or even a PC manufacturer.

The question is, does it matter? Larry Ellison may well think that the PC is the dumbest idea of all time, yet people want to buy and own them.

It all smacks of Diesel engine enthusiasts in the motor trade who can’t understand why people prefer petrol cars despite the obvious diesel benefits low cost of ownership and greater fuel efficiency.

News source: theinquirer


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